Bounce Off & Be Clever Workout – [Intro]

Whenever a player tries to dribble penetrate and gets stopped or simply doesn’t like what he or she sees, then I train them to Bounce Off, that is, keep your dribble and simply back-out to the perimeter. This came out of Read & React Layer 4 Dribble Penetration Circle Movement, but I didn’t invent it. Many non-Read & React players and coaches use it and call it by the same name.

The Workout consists of two parts: Teaching and Training. During the Teaching portion of the workout, I need you to slow down and work on the technique. Most young players don’t’ want to do this and that’s why they have a limited game. So, during this learning curve, make sure your footwork and balance is correct. If you have someone like a coach or a trainer with you, this would be a good time for them to give you high amounts of feedback. If you have to repeat the same move several times in order to get it right, then do so! I only show 2 reps per move in the teaching section, but most are going to need more than that while learning the moves. Learning how to do it right will keep the officials from blowing the whistle. Learning how to do it right; getting comfortable with your fakes, your change of speeds, and your body language is how you create deception in your game. It’s not always about being FAST! And you can’t always be the quickest, but you can build an element of cleverness into your game.

Good luck. Get Better and Get Clever!

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