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About Better Basketball

At Better Basketball, we live and breathe the game. There’s nothing we want more than to raise the quality of play. And we know that the key to player skills on the court are the unsung heroes who spend their time off on the side – the coaches.

That’s why we focus our entire business on the tools coaches need to raise the level of basketball from mere sport to pure artistry.

We work harder than any other instructional company out there to make our videos true teaching tools. We developed a full curriculum that builds easily on each segment so that each topic is explored to its utmost, with no confusion and no stop-and-start.

When you take our Read and React Offensive System, for example, you’ll start with the basic concepts and slowly move yourself – and your players – up the ladder to the most sophisticated execution.

Our videos are more detailed, more carefully executed, and packed with more information than any other instructional video for basketball on the market today. With that level of detail and devotion to the artistry of basketball, we help coaches transform from good support systems into the reason a great player is born.

We want to see more legendary coaches teaching basketball on a whole new level– so that this generation of players appreciates the sport more deeply and even goes beyond the very outer limits of their skills.

We’re not the only ones who think our approach is superior to any other coaching strategy out there: even NBA and ULEB coaches have said they picked up new techniques from the Better Basketball DVDs.

If pro player coaches can learn from us, we believe you can, too.

About Coach Rick Torbett

Rick Torbett is often regarded as among the best teachers of basketball in the world today. His lead role in the Better Basketball videos is one of the reasons they’ve achieved such a high level of value to coaches everywhere. Coach Torbett strives to make even the most advanced techniques so easy to understand that even very young players grasp them quickly and apply those systems to their own game.

Coach Torbett’s techniques have been proven to surpass those of coaches whose teams are in the NBA. For example, in the last six seasons only two NBA teams averaged over 40% from the 3-point line. Coach Torbett managed to coach entire teams to shoot over 40% for three consecutive seasons – a stunning achievement in or out of pro ball.

It’s not spending more hours on the court that achieves results like that. NBA players are out there drilling for a full-time job. It’s better basketball theory and advanced coaching techniques that make the difference, and Coach Torbett makes sure every video achieves this high standard of performance.

Coach Torbett spent 24 years as a high school coach with an overall winning percentage of 70% at four different schools, helping players earn scholarships to premier collegiate programs. He’s since devoted himself to traveling the world to study more sophisticated coaching techniques and to garner even more knowledge about how to better play the game of basketball.