Read & React Tutorials: Training the Decision Box [Stage 1: Teach]

Ball Screens in the Read & React

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Being able to choose the Next Best Action without the ball has mostly been left to chance. Most of us coaches can recognize a player with a high basketball I.Q. and we’re glad to get them. But how much time do we actually spend, with an organized plan, training everyone on the team to choose a Next Best Action? How much time do we really spend trying to increase our players’ basketball I.Q.?

Ultimately, that’s the purpose of this video. Perhaps a better title might have been: “Training the Players Without the Ball”. However, that would be a bit misleading because you might think that I am talking about Perimeter Players without the ball. My focus is a bit narrower: I’m talking about training those players who are on the move – cutting through the lane – cutting through the Read & React Decision Box.

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