Read & React Tutorials: Using Ball Screens [Introduction]

This particular topic grew out of a question that I get in a lot of clinics. It’s usually phrased two ways: 1) Where is the ball screen in the Read & React? or 2) How many ways are there to initiate or use a ball-screen in the Read & React?

In addition to showing all the ways to initiate ball-screens in the Read & React, I’ve also include the basics regarding the offensive execution of a pick & roll:

  1. The screener’s angle
  2. Which way to roll?
  3. The screeners position
  4. All of the options depending on how the defense guards the ball screen

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Introduction 2:17 FREE
Ball Screen Basics 1:29 $2.00
Screener’s Position 3:01 $4.00
Coach Controlled Ball Screens 2:33 $3.00
Player Controlled Ball Screens 3:43 $5.00
Conclusion 2:16 $3.00

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