Read & React Tutorials: Using Ball Screens [Introduction]

This particular topic grew out of a question that I get in a lot of clinics. It’s usually phrased two ways: 1) Where is the ball screen in the Read & React? or 2) How many ways are there to initiate or use a ball-screen in the Read & React?

In addition to showing all the ways to initiate ball-screens in the Read & React, I’ve also include the basics regarding the offensive execution of a pick & roll:

  1. The screener’s angle
  2. Which way to roll?
  3. The screeners position
  4. All of the options depending on how the defense guards the ball screen
Chapter Title Time Price Play Button
Introduction 2:17 FREE
Ball Screen Basics 1:29 $2.00
Screener’s Position 3:01 $4.00
Coach Controlled Ball Screens 2:33 $3.00
Player Controlled Ball Screens 3:43 $5.00
Conclusion 2:16 $3.00

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