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Read & React Workouts 101 & 102 – $199

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Better Basketball Academy presents Read & React Workouts 101

Rick has been hard at work designing online coursework for our coaches! The first of these is Read & React Workouts 101.

This course will give Read & React coaches the opportunity to learn directly from Rick as he takes them through 12 Read & React Specific workouts in 6 weeks.

Coaches will receive:

  • 12 New Teaching Videos
  • A complete Workout Curriculum for offseason Player Development
  • A PDF of each Workout Plan
  • Previously recorded Live Chats providing an additonal 15+ hours of insight
  • Optional Online Testing to check your comprehension

We call each training session a “workout” but they’re much more than that. Rick’s goal in each session is to accomplish about six things at one time with your players:

1. Teach the Read & React – both the big picture AND the details.

2. Teach all of the drills that I will be using during the season and why we do them.

3. Expose your players to the skill sets that they need for the Read & React.

4. If those skill sets are not up to par, then we need to teach those skills. My philosophy is: If we’re on the floor, we need a Player Development component to whatever it is we’re doing.

5. Situational training – what I mean by this is: During these sessions, I’m going to show the players the situations where they APPLY those fundamental skills of player development.

6. Conditioning – lots of reps – confidence comes from high amounts of successful reps. There’s no way around it!

In each workout, Rick explains the big picture – and – how each new drill links to that big picture. Also, he explains how the new drills link to the previous workout! We’ll then show you enough of each drill for you to get the setup, the rotation, the teaching points, and any player development skills that are relevant. 

*Please note, the online classes are separate from our VoD library, and are not part of the All Access Video on Demand package.


Testimonials from some of last session’s students:

“I’m entering my second year of the Read and React and this course was just what the doctor ordered. It helped me to diagnose why I had problems last year-and more importantly- how to better prepare and teach this season. Looking forward to another great R/R season!”

Larry Lourcey
Varsity Basketball Coach
The Westwood School
Dallas, Tx

“Just a terrific way to learn. Everything previously taught is continually reinforced each lecture and each live chat. A great way to to learn Read and React!”

Ned Viands (“Coach V”)
Founder and Lead Coach
Warriors AAU Boys Basketball
Wolfeboro, NH

“Rick Torbett is one of the best basketball minds in the country. His class has helped me run a much better practice, resulting in greater in-game success.”

-Coach Wheeler

“This course was awesome! I introduced the concepts from the Read & React Offense (layers 1-7) to my team last year, but I had problems with blending the layers and keeping the practices flowing. This course not only demonstrated how to effectively run practices for each layer, but also provided full explanations on how to make the practices more efficient and areas to focus on to help the team transition through different layers. I highly recommend this course to anyone using the Read & React Offense as a supplement to the Read & React Offense DVD.”

-Coach Metheus Miller