Read & React Youth Practices & Drills

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What is this project all about?

This is a series of practices that I held for a youth team. Even though youth players are demonstrating, you can tweak certain amounts of almost every drill to fit the level you are coaching.

You can link these into a series of complete practice plans or mix-and-match to create your own practice plans!

Some of these drills may already be familiar to you, but they still may stimulate a new idea or a new way to teach some part of the game.

This project is my latest in trying to eliminate “coach-speak” and become a better teacher of the game.

I encourage you to watch the videos, learn from them, and expand upon them as you see fit to best reach the players you are coaching!

You may purchase a practice at a time by clicking the individual links below, or all 8 practices at once for $135 using the “Buy Now” button.

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Still curious about what is contained in each practice?

Here is a list of the videos in each practice:

PRACTICE 1 (111 min)
Layer 1 – Pass EW – Team Coordination 5vs0 + 5vs5 Diagnostics
Layer 2 – Pass NS – Laker Cuts & Inside Out Pass
Layer 3 – Dribble EW – Link 1&3 Coordination + Absorb Mistakes
9 Drills Covering Layers 1, 2, 3
Link Layers 1 & 3 w Shell Def & Deflection Game 5vs5
Layers 1, 2, 3 Drills & Transition
Layers 1 & 3 Deflection Game & LOGO
Spacing, Real Estate, & Draft Drives

PRACTICE 2 (84 min)
5vs0 Coordination Back, Brush, & Replacement Screens
5vs0 Coordination Back-Screen Out of the Post
L1,2,3+Backscreen Turning it Over to the Players
Layer 4 – Driving – Learning the Passes Bounce-Off Drill
Link Layers 1-4+Backscreens in Prescribed Order
L4 Two Drills: Natural Pitch & Pitch or Safety Valve
L3 Dribble At Scoring Opportunities

PRACTICE 3 (85 min)
Power to Pass Drills and Front or Rear Cut Passing Drill
Three Dribble-At Scoring Opportunity Drills 5vs0
L1A Four Logo Drills
L1B Fill Empty Spot Drilling 4 Defensive Reads
L1C Player Development: Close Out1on1
L1,2,3 L2D Inside Out & Offensive Rebounding
L1D Recognizing Draft & Real Estate Drives
L1D Team Coordination & Backscreens & Real Estate

PRACTICE 4 (62 min)
L1,2,3,Backscreens Rehearse & Score on Anything + Post
L6A Two Drills: Post Screens for Cutters & Shape-Up-Score
Combo: Dribble-At + Post-Up + Laker-Cut 5vs0
L1+4 Changing Reaction Channels Natural Pitch & Safety
3 Drills: Layer 4 Ring Bounce-Off-Pass-Cut Rehearse ALL
2 Drills: Drive or Dribble-At? Organic Post-Slides
SCRIMMAGE: Testing Everything to this Point

PRACTICE 5 (57 min)
Player Development: 3 Pass Drills: Twist, Ear2Ear, Sweep
Player Development: Triple Threat Progression + L4 Ring
Player Development: Shot Training + Driver’s Choice
L1B Drill: Coach-Controlled-Fill-the-Empty-Spot Drill
Technique for Dribble At Drill & Double Dribble-At Drill
2 Dribble-At Draft Drive Drills + Dribble-At-Post-Up Drill
3-Player Rehearsal of Dribble-At-Post-Up etc.
3vs3vs3 Cutthroat Diagnostic Test of Offense & Defense

PRACTICE 6 (26 min)
5vs0 Rehearsal of Read & React (1st half of 30 min practice)
5vs5 Diagnostic Scrimmage (2nd half of 30 min practice)

PRACTICE 7 (48 min)
Player Development: Power Passing & Passing Pockets
Player Development: Shot Training: 1. Group 2. Partners
2 Drills: No Def Pass&Cut + Defense-Close-Out Pass&Cut
L2: Feed the Post (1) Hit Laker Cutter (2) Inside-Out Shot
3 Drills: (1) Read Line (2) Dribble-At (3) Draw & Kick
3-Player Backscreen Drill + 4-Player Everything Rehearsal
4vs4 Diagnostic Scrimmage Part 1
4vs4 Diagnostic Scrimmage Part 2

PRACTICE 8 (60 min)
Zone Offense Intro + LOGO Zone Drill
LOGO Dish Drill vs Coach Defender (Nail’Em)
Flank’Em Zone Offense Drill
Nail or Flank’Em Drill + Mix How You Score vs the Zone
Adding the Dribble-At the our Zone Offense
Using a Permanent Short Corner in our Zone Offense
Player Development: Step-Pound-Hop from Short Corner
Zone Attack Rehearsal 5vs5