The First Day of Practice

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Introduction / Free Preview


  1. This is how I would run the First Day of Practice for any level team. The video shows me taking a high school boys team through this “First Day of Practice.” This is not staged. The team had never met me prior to this video, so you will see the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  2. There is a simple, half-page, written plan on the video. However, what you teach and what you get accomplished in practice is not always about WHAT you teach, but HOW you teach it. That’s why there’s 82 minutes of video.
  3. If you have ever struggled with how to get your season started, this video will not only solve your problem, but it will give you a head start on your competition.
  4. Are you a new coach? This video will take you STEP-BY-STEP through your first practice – whether you’re a youth, high school, or college coach! Simply do what I do. You don’t have to innovate!
  5. Are you still figuring out your coaching philosophy? This video will give you a Foundation and the Direction that you need.
  6. Do you have TIME LIMITATIONS? Do you only have a few practices before your first game? After this practice, you’ll be as ready to play as you can be after only one day of practice! No one wants to play after only one day of practice, but if I had to, I would be comfortable after THIS practice!
  7. Are you a READ & REACT Coach? This is DEFINITELY the way you should begin implementing the READ & REACT OFFENSE – regardless of what level you coach!
  8. Don’t know anything about the Read & React Offense? This practice will give you a really good idea of what’s contained in the full Read & React Offense.
  9. Don’t have any intention of running the Read & React? That’s OK! This practice is designed for you as well!
  10. Do you have coaches in your organization that need help with Practice Planning? This practice will start all of your coaches on the same page!


  • A grasp of the big picture of basketball
  • An offense that can counter pressure and includes screens
  • The only Shell Defensive Drill you’ll ever need
  • Out of Bounds from anywhere
  • Full Court Transition
  • Early Offense without “Setting Up”
  • The ability to break presses
  • An “End Game” to keep the lead and counter pressure
  • A means to train your weakest team against your strongest team
  • The ability to test it all with “Live” Scrimmage

If you are interested in continuing with the READ & REACT OFFENSE, it can be purchased from the Home Page. In your Second Day of Practice, you’ll be able to pick up exactly where we left off with The First Day of Practice!

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