The Shooting Course

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Better Basketball Academy presents The Shooting Course

Introductory price of $99 for 9 weeks of instruction!

(this is NOT part of the All Access membership)

Do you fall into one of these categories?

  • You’re a player who is tired of being “just another player”
  • You’re a coach who has players who need to drastically improve their shooting for the sake of the team
  • You’re a parent who wants to see your child develop into something special
  • You’re an adult who wants to squeeze a little more enjoyment out of your rec league games by being able to shoot and hit

This program is a 9-week process for Rapid Skill Acquisition in Shooting.

You will participate with Rick as he teaches and trains 2 separate groups of players. You’ll receive 1 video per week for 9 weeks that will tell and show you exactly what to do every day of the week.

Rick provides instruction and resources throughout the course that will make a significant improvement in your shooting ability.

Are you ready to change YOUR game?