4 OUT Quick Hitter

4 OUT Quick Hitter

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been fleshing out a 5 part series on Read & React Quick Hitters.

This is our fourth installment – you can find the three previous here, here, and here.

This is an easy 4 OUT Quick Hitter that utilizes the Post as a scoring opportunity and as a screener.

4 OUT Quick Hitter

1 passes and cuts (1st Option).
If 1 is not open, then 1 screens for 5 in the short corner.
5 cuts to the front of the rim (2nd option).

4 OUT Quick Hitter Frame 2

If 5 is not open, 4 passes to 2 while 1 fills out and 5 fills the mid-post.

4 OUT Quick Hitter Frame 3

4 cuts after the pass to 2.
5 sets a post screen (3rd option).

4 OUT Quick Hitter Frame 4

5 ducks into the lane right off the tail of 4’s cut (4th option).
4 fills out ball side.
If 5 is not open, R&R continues…

The above diagrams were powered by FastDraw. For a free trial of FastDraw, click here. Or to buy it for just $35, click here.

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