5 Defensive Tactics

5 Defensive Tactics

Earlier this month we attended the PGC/Glazier clinic in Chicago and Sam Allen elaborated on this topic.

1. Team Symmetry
Defense starts when the ball is shot (our team shoots)
Transition Defense= First 3 (First 3 steps must be explosive)= “The Transfer”
I Formation= Protect the highway inside-out
Offensive Board Coverage= 3, 4, 5 crash…1 FT line/TOK…2 back

2. Communicate to Intimidate
NITE: Name-Info-Ton-Eye Contact (when speaking to players)
Program Language: Key terms, sound bytes “Grab the Rope”, Paint Man (Guarding non- shooter)

3. Extreme Clarity
System/Purpose of defense (articulate in 15 seconds) Play instinctively

“It’s not what we know…it’s what our players know and can do.”

4. BUB
Ball – YOU – Basket (keep your man in front)

5. Eliminate Your Opponent’s Go-To
Full denial—>If you’re going to do it…Practice it
Change pace
Reward Best Defender (each game)

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