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read and react 5 player coordination drills

Step 1: Dive into the drills. 

Step 2: Take it a step further and get a working offense in just one practice. 

drills are great—but they'll only take you so far

The video above contains some of my favorite drills. They can help your players build key habits, develop core skills, and learn smart reads and reactions—You’ll get player development on both sides of the ball, and smarter players all in one.

Now there is a downside…

They’ll only get you so far and will never equate to a working offense.

But I’ve got a solution I think you’ll like…

build a working offense in just one practice

When I say working offense I’m not talking about a simple half-court set. I’m referring to half-court offense, replacement screens, out-of-bounds from anywhere, full-court transition, early offense, and a press break.

You may think I’m crazy and that this is an impossible task but watch the video below as I demonstrate it with a brand new team using the 1st layer of the Read & React Offense. 

Half-court offense, replacement screens, defense, out-of-bounds from anywhere, full-court transition, early offense, live scrimmage, press break…



You’ll have accountability, spacing, player movement, ball movements, and plenty of quality scoring opportunities. 


All in one 90-minute practice!


Of course not. But after one practice, you could enter a game with a high degree of confidence that your players will know where to go and what to do.

After the first day of practice, you’ll be surprised by your team’s grasp of the big picture of basketball. They’ll be able to run an offense that can counter pressure,  run a full-court transition, play early offense without setting up, break presses and stay tough in the end game to keep the lead and counter pressure. 

This system will get your team up and running so fast your head will spin.


Nope.  You don’t need to run the React & React, or even know what it is. 

This course takes the foundational layer of the Read & React and creates a stand-alone offense that fits into any system. 


however, if you're planning on running the read & react head here:

“I have enjoyed learning about the Read and React offense and incorporating it into my offensive system. Read and React teaches players how to play the game instead of making robotic actions that are predetermined. It is a fun offense that allows players to showcase their abilities!”
Coach Lisa Bluder
Iowa Women's Head Coach
"After our first two State Championships I felt that we needed to change our approach to the game to be more unpredictable and dynamic. We adopted the Read and React Offense exclusively. Better Basketball training has been one of the most important keys to our team’s successes and the future successes of our program moving forward. If you’re looking for the most effective way to build a championship winning team, this is it!"
Coach Dwane Carter
George Stevens Academy
"Well we made our State Tournament with a 25-1 record and won our first 2 games at State. 27-3. We made lots of memories, and for an ol' football coach, I sure love coaching basketball thanks to your offense."
Coach T. Strohschein
Head Coach


Let me breakdown what you’ll get today. 

A half-court offense that works against all man and zone defenses. 
Value: $50

An out of bounds play you can run from anywhere on the court.  
Value: $20

A defensive shell drill you can execute in 2 minutes. 
Value: $20

A full-court transition and early offensive system. 
Value: $30

A press break that works against any type of  press.
Value: $25

A 90-minute practice plan with video instruction that can be used as a template for the entire season. 
Value: $40

BONUS 1-on-1 to 2-on-2 progression drills that add pressure and incorporation the passing game for a well-rounded, practice session.
Value: $15

BONUS 3 post drills that can help to help your players grow their inside presence.
Value: $15

BONUS 5 rebounding drills that range from warm up to full competition and include technique.
Value: $15



Trusted by over 5,000 Teams

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“The Read and React Offense is a great offensive system that can be implemented at any level. I think it teaches players how to play the game, make reads and in turn become better basketball players.”
Coach Jenni Fitzgerald
Iowa Women's Assistant Coach
"We just went 27 varsity games without having ever called a “play”. I certainly made points of emphasizing certain actions, but my girls learned how to adapt on their own to what the defense threw at them. They’ve learned HOW to play, not plays – and it only will get better as we move forward with a year of experience under most of their belts."
Coach S. Rochester
Head Coach
"I took over a program that hadn’t success since the late 1990s. Last year, we won 17 games, made it to state for the first time in 20 years, and defeated the state champion during the regular season for the first time in school history. "
Coach Henry Schechter
Girls Varsity Basketball Coach


I’m the creator of the Read & React Offense.

I’ve spent the majority of my life studying and coaching the game of basketball. With 40+ years of experience, I’ve coached teams of all talent levels. A couple with losing seasons and several others ranked #1 in the state with back-to-back final fours.

No matter the talent level, I ran into the same issues year after year. I shuffled through about 20 different offenses, I was constantly trying to fit players into positions, and I was starting over every year.

Long story short, I developed the Read & React Offense to combat every single common obstacle the standard offense brings.

And today, I am humbled to say that I’ve had the great privilege of helping thousands of coaches score 10-15 more points per game and transform their seasons.

© Better Basketball - All rights reserved
© Better Basketball - All rights reserved