5 Ways to Use Your 5 MAN

5 Ways to Use Your 5 MAN

In the Read & React, the Post Player’s only requirement is that he react correctly to Dribble Penetration.

So, coaches and players have a lot of freedom in how they handle the Post game. If you love Cross Screens, put them in. If you want the Post to screen for cutters, do it. If you have a Post who can also play on the perimeter, let him pop in and out when opportunities arise.

You can have as much control over your Post Players as you want in the Read & React. It’s completely based on your comfort level and the experience of your Post Player. You may want to give a great player as much freedom as possible, but if you give that same freedom to that Post coming off the bench, you may pay for it in the end. In the same way, you may not be getting the most out of your Post, if you shackle him with restrictions.

The above video demonstrates 5 ways Emmanuel College uses their Post Player. Watch… Ponder… And, answer this: how do you use your Post Players?


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