Absorbing Mistakes

Absorbing Mistakes

In a previous post, I explained the difference between Spots and Positions. Spots are locations on the floor. Positions imply certain prerequisites that players must meet in order to play in certain locations on the floor.

I also explained how our Spots allow players to start any action from anywhere with any player. You’ll never hear the phrase “set it up” with a Read & React team, because if you’re located on a spot, then you’re already “set up” and ready to go.

But there’s another practical use of this engineering aspect of the Read & React. It allows the team to absorb mistakes and continue with the next action. Here’s what I mean:

  • Setting a back screen and the ball drives – (you don’t see it) but your cutter does and he/she circle moves. Don’t panic, just hop on a spot, sight the ball, and catch the next action.
  • The ball Dribbles-At player A, but A spaces away instead of cutting. Player A does not need to panic. He/she is on a spot; just catch the next action.
  • You’ve passed and cut and intend to fill out – you’re a step or two out of the lane – (no man’s land) and the ball drives. What do you do? Just hop on the closest spot and catch the next action.
  • You’re trailing transition and the other four have already initiated Read & React. Should everyone stop and “Set it up?” Nope, just hop on a spot and catch the next action.
  • You’re involved in a multiple screen action and you just got lost. (It happens to the best!) There’s no need to wait for your coach to yell “Set it up!” Just HOP ON A SPOT, locate the ball, Read & React to the next action the ball takes!

How simple and how easy is that?

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