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Approve/Deny Videos

Step 1

Login to your account and click on the ‘Team Management’ button in the left menu.

Step 2

Select the appropriate team by either clicking the team name or the ‘View’ button

Step 3

Click “Manage Tests” from the top menu.


Step 4

Hover your cursor over the video you want to watch, and click “Watch Video”.


Step 5

Watch the video, then click either Approve or Deny.

(For reference, you can right-click on “Stages Training” from the left menu and open in a new window, then locate and watch the appropriate demonstration video to see what is expected).


Step 6 (optional)

If you want to, leave a comment for your player about why their video was great, or what they need to work on.

Step 7

Use the Back button on your browser or begin again at Step 1 to view and approve/deny more tests