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Coaching Philosophy

One of the toughest things to teach young players is effectively trapping the basketball without committing a foul.  Trapping not only takes athleticism and skill, but it also requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline. While there are several reasons why you may decide to trap, I...

Every great endeavor starts with an overriding purpose and a vision of something bigger than yourself. This “vision” will get no traction if it remains only your vision. Your vision must become theirs; in other words, the coach is responsible to create the Team’s Vision. Here are some key ingredients you’ll need:

Turning Things AroundThis letter from Rick Torbett to a concerned parent covers his advice on Motivation, Confidence, Defining Success, Parent-Coach Relationships, Assigning Blame, Handling Adversity, Staying Positive, and creating a Winning Mentality. From: A concerned parent (edited down to the basics of the e-mail) I need to know how to teach my son and his team how to have a winning mentality. This school has lost for many years, and the community does not support the program . He needs also to learn how to have confidence. He is a great shooter. He can shoot free throws under any kind of pressure. He just has these slumps where he can't make a basket if his life depended on it. The slumps seem to be