Cow Killers: Simple Layer 1 Read & React Warm Up

Cow Killers: Simple Layer 1 Read & React Warm Up

A few months ago, I wrote a post on killing Sacred Zombie Cows – getting rid of those drills that may be dear to your heart, but have long since lost their usefulness. I’m looking at you three-man weave!

Anything that can be used to replace those Zombie Cows, I call Cow Killers. A few of those Cow Killers will be showing up on the Tribe from time to time so keep your eyes open.

Well, with that in mind, here’s a simple warm up drill using only the habits from Layer 1.

The 12U South Windsor Girls use this drill to get 60 lay-ups, 40 jump-shots, and 220 passes in under 5 minutes. All the while further engraining the Read & React habits into their muscle memories.

It’s not complicated. It’s not overly flashy. But, to me, it’s significantly more practical than two line lay-ups.

Use this as a launching pad for your own ideas. Be creative. And, let us know how you did it in the comments section.


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