Getting the Job

Getting the Job

Tom Kelsey is the Director of Basketball Operations for LSU Men’s Basketball. At a recent PGC/Glazier Coaching Clinic he elaborated on 7 things every coach needs to consider to help them get the job they want. Tom is a part of the Better Basketball family as he played for Rick Torbett in high school.

What Are Your Goals?kelsey

  1. Personal
  2. Professional
  3. Family

Goal Setting System: Set 10 goals every day

  1. Go with the right person (as an Asst) (Right Admin as head coach)
    -Values must match
  2. Go where your skills will be utilized
  3. What level? What league? (Importance)
  4. Location


  • Professionally done & edited
  • What do you want to know about the candidate if you were on the other side?
    • Eliminate the things that don’t matter (Distractions)
    • Spark —> How is your story different?

Work Experience

  • All RELEVANT jobs
  • What have you done to prepare for the next job?
  • Give a vivid description of what you have done


  • Names with contact info (easy to access)
  • Who will call on your behalf that will SELL you?
  • Circle of Influence

Skill Set

  • What is your niche?
    • Something you do better than anyone else
  • How well can it be articulated on paper?
  • How have you separated yourself?
    • Do you know it?
    • Can you teach it?
    • Do players improve from it?
    • Can you recruit to it?
    • Does it sell to the Administration?

Interview Questions

  • Ask/Answer tough questions
  • Practice interview (with people who’ve been there before)
  • If we were sitting here in 3 years, what has to happen in those previous 3 years in order for you to feel good about your personal/professional growth?
  • Why?
  • Have a back up plan


  • Update resume yearly
  • List accomplishments, jobs, new skills acquired, etc

Prepare yourself for the next opportunity, do not position yourself for the next opportunity.

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