Quick Note for Cutters

Quick Note for Cutters

MESSAGE TO PLAYERS: Those who cut the lane must treat the lane with respect; the lane is the #1 killer of the defense; if you can receive the ball or get the ball into the lane more times than your opponent, then on a percentage basis, you will win.

Given how valuable the lane is, cutters must keep it open for their teammates; i.e., if you cut the lane and do not receive the ball, then get out of the lane quicker than you came in!!!! The lane is golden; it is The Bank where you withdraw money (points) for your team; keep the bank open for your teammates after you try to make a withdrawal!!

MESSAGE TO COACHES: Even though you might never score from a backscreen, put in the backscreen layer in order to give your cutters a specific purpose after they cut the lane. With a specific assignment, they have a tendency to clear the lane quicker than they otherwise would.

An added benefit: when a cutter exits the lane with a purpose, they stand a much better chance of drawing their defender out of the lane (helping position). When defenders see you move with a purpose, they tend to go with you in order to guard the situation. This takes defense out of the lane and allows a teammate to use it again.


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