The Read & React Offense

Become un-scoutable, create high-percentage shots, and gain a competitive edge. When mastered, the Read & React will likely score you 10-15 more points per game. 


Rick Torbett — Creator of the Read & React Offense 

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In 35 Minutes I Show You How To…

Teach players to play (not A BUNCH OF plays)

Set plays eventually come to an end or break down. Not the Read & React. I'll show you how to how to teach your players to create their own possessions without the need for you to call set plays.

play your best 5 any time

The standard set play requires a certain 5 on the floor to fill positions. Not the Read & React. I'll show you how to put your best 5 on the floor any time. This system allows room for every type of player.

get 100% accountability FROM your team

Coaches are always asking, "how do I hold my team accountable?" I'll show you how to kill the blame game and get 100% accountability out of your team.

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Meet Coach Rick Torbett

Hi, I’m Rick

I’m the creator of the Read & React Offense.

I’ve spent the majority of my life studying and coaching the game of basketball. With 20+ years of experience, I’ve coached teams of all talent levels. A couple with losing seasons and several others ranked #1 in the state with back-to-back final fours.

No matter the talent level, I ran into the same issues year after year. I shuffled through about 20 different offenses, I was constantly trying to fit players into positions, and I was starting over every year. 

Long story short, I developed the Read & React Offense to combat every single common obstacle the standard offense brings.

And today, I am humbled to say that I’ve had the great privilege of helping thousands of coaches score 10-15 more points per game and transform their seasons.