Nuggets from Atlanta Read and React Clinic : Advice For the First Year Read and React Coach

Nuggets from Atlanta Read and React Clinic : Advice For the First Year Read and React Coach


“In a clinic full of veteran Read & React Coaches, we had one coach who will be installing it for the first time this coming season. In fact, it’s only his second year as a coach! I asked the coaches to give him one quick piece of advice and this is the list we compiled together” – Coach Rick Torbett

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1 – Don’t go back.

2 – Stick to it.

3 – Don’t be a perfectionist. You don’t have to look “pretty” to be successful.

4 – Sit down with them; explain the big picture – show them the way.

5 – Don’t feel the pressure of getting through the entire system.

6 – Work on Circle Movement every day – get it right.

7 – Stick with Circle Movement even when it’s not perfect.

8 – Don’t let your ego get in your way.

9 – Journal and Reflect.

10 – Hybrid Games: Shell offense & defense until the action occurs – then its “live”.

11 – Use your bench: the Read & React allows you to play more players – do it.

12 – Identify your IQ kids, even if they’re not your best players.

13 – Keep, file, reflect and grade your practice plans.

14 – Bring in a Quality Control person to watch your practices.

15 – Keep things to 10 minutes.

16 – Be concise with communication.

17 – Colors, quick, easy calls if they need help.

18 – Teach all layers to all players, but emphasize playing their strengths and hiding their weaknesses.

19 – Most turnovers happen when players try to do too much.

20 – Let teammates identify their teammates strengths and verbalize them.

21 – Against Zones – customize cutters (Rick), learn your player’s strengths.

22 – Have passion for it.

23 – Celebrate the little things.

24 – Invest time in yourself.

25 – Don’t pigeon hole yourself with something you may have to change later.

26 – Don’t need to be “anti-play”; they can use a quick-hitter as a crutch until the team knows how to start their own possessions.

p.s. – Thanks to Richard Cassella Video Director – Wagner Women’s Basketball for helping compile this list!

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