Shooters and Leaders

Shooters and Leaders

When it comes to youth and high school basketball in the United States, I have two more groups to add to the Endangered Species list:

Shooters and leaders

Do you want to increase your chances of making the team next year?

Do you want to earn more playing time?

Do you want to play basketball in college?

Then become a shooter and/or a leader.usp-nba_-minnesota-timberwolves-at-golden-state-wa-4_3

Both are acquired skills.

Both take purposeful, consistent practice.

Both are needed on every team.

How do you become a great shooter?

You practice shooting thousands and thousands of games shots – from game spots – at game speed… with perfect footwork and perfect mechanics.

hi-res-c115fb5616de66f7ca48b3e4340ab322_crop_exactHow do you become a great leader?

You serve your teammates by putting them first, you lead by example, you speak with a presence, you have high character and you do everything within your control to make those around you better… every day.

Trust me on this, any time you spend working on your ability to shoot or to lead will be time well invested.

Do what others don’t do to have what others don’t have,

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