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I’m so passionate about developing coaches! And that should all translate to you winning more games and making a bigger impact on your players.


I’m also passionate about developing players. It’s part of the reason we all coach, right?


This project has been amazing because I’m getting to bring the two together.


My new player development system is specifically designed for coaches to use WITH their players. It’s a system that can be a standard for player development much like the martial arts belt system.


Listen, if you want to win more games you either have to improve your strategies or improve your players. Usually it’s both.


Most coaches are good at the strategic side which is a large part of the draw for coaching. I’ve seen them struggle on the player development side though.


It’s often time. You just don’t have enough time to develop every single players skills. Oh, and don’t forget about your feeder athletes too. What if the quality of everyone who enters your program is better? Now your coaching can be supercharged.


BUT even if you had the time I’m not sure most coaches could confidently quantify the next step for each athlete. That’s because we’ve never had a standard for player development. There’s no common language.

My new system ignores age because it isn’t very relevant. It’s all about skill. Can the athlete demonstrate mastery in the skill or not. I don’t care how old they are.

What if each player on your team knew exactly what stage of development they were at and had a clear path to the next stage? Imagine if you, your staff, the rest of the team and their parents knew the stage as well. You would all be speaking the same language and could help each other develop.

That’s exactly why I built this system. It’s a way for coaches and players to partner on athlete development. It’s like every one of your players having a personal trainer with them any time they want.


How would that change your team?


The Stages System will be launching in September with a coaching system, player development system and a mobile app so players can easily improve at any time.