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Your practice time is limited.  How are you going to use it? 

Why waste valuable practice time teaching fundamental concepts, reads, and terminology, when your players can do it on their own?

You don’t have to digest it for them anymore. 

What if… your players stepped on the court and already knew the terminology, where to be positioned, what motions to do, and where their teammates should be?

Now — how much more could you cover in a practice?

How much better would your practices be?

Collapse your time frames and begin practice implementing instead of teaching.

The Read & React Player’s System was designed specifically for players and built using game footage.

The best way for a player to understand the system is to see it live in action. Every layer and every concept is broken down step-by-step from a player’s perspective.

Each section of the system has a test that players can take to make sure they actually have the basketball IQ that you need them to have.

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Your Players Will learn...



Speed up the learning curve for both rookie & veteran players with the Read & React System. The coach & the team will be on the same page with terminology & communication.

Spend more time on game implementation

Players arrive at practice already prepared. You won't spend valuable practice time explaining terminology & walking through each motion.

Speed up "Buy In" of players, plus...

Assistant coaches, parents, and administrators. It's hard to argue with actual game footage! Get everyone speaking the same language & understanding new concepts quickly.

Be stimulated & stretched as a coach

Be inspired with numerous ideas on how to teach and operate the Read & React System. Game clips illustrate not only multiple formations and tempos, but also multiple line-ups of players. In the 7+ hour course, you'll see small ball, post play of every type, driving teams, passing teams, screening teams, fast teams & slow teams...all are represented!

"...our kids love the freedom to score!"

“Southern NH University Women’s Basketball is coming off our best year in 30+ years.  21-7 overall, NE10 Regular Season Champions,  1st in NCAA Northeast Region, and hosted the NE10.

SNHU runs the Read and React. Our offense was fun to watch!

We play an exciting brand of basketball, and our kids love the freedom to score! We led the league in scoring with 72.5 ppg.

We had two First Team All-Conference players and one 3rd Team All-Conference player.  We had one WBCA All-American Honorable Mention as well.”

— Karen Pinkos | Head Women’s Basketball Coach | Southern New Hampshire University

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Customers’ reviews


Well we made our State Tournament with a 25-1 record and won our first 2 games at State. 27-3. We made lots of memories, and for an ol' football coach, I sure love coaching basketball thanks to your offense. Thank you,
T. Strohschein
You see we had a very athletic team but only one of the girls on the team was really a basketball player, all the rest of them were soccer players. Well, after a few years of implementation, we did it. We made it all the way to the State Championship and we won. That was in 2019. In 2020 we made it back to the State Semifinals but that was when Covid hit... I tell you this as a thank you for helping us teach a group of soccer players how to play basketball and win a State Championship.​
D. Gladwell
Head Basketball Coach
If you are questioning R&R, we just went 27 varsity games without having ever called a “play”. I certainly made points of emphasizing certain actions, but my girls learned how to adapt on their own to what the defense threw at them. They’ve learned HOW to play, not plays – and it only will get better as we move forward with a year of experience under most of their belts.
S. Rochester


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read & react
player system

50+ Players
Per Year
  • Revolutionary way to teach & learn
  • 7+ hours of game footage instruction
  • Step-by-step teaching progressions
  • An account for each player
  • 67 lessons & 15 tests
  • BONUS: Birds Eye View (Rules)
  • BONUS: Birds Eye View (Scoring Options)

read & react
player system

20-49 Players
Per Year
  • Revolutionary way to teach & learn
  • 7+ hours of game footage instruction
  • Step-by-step teaching progressions
  • An account for each player
  • 67 lessons & 15 tests
  • BONUS: Birds Eye View (Rules)
  • BONUS: Birds Eye View (Scoring Options)

read & react
player system

Up to 19 Players
Per Year
  • Revolutionary way to teach & learn
  • 7+ hours of game footage instruction
  • Step-by-step teaching progressions
  • An account for each player
  • 67 lessons & 15 tests
  • BONUS: Birds Eye View (Rules)
  • BONUS: Birds Eye View (Scoring Options)

Revolutionary way to learn

Effectively double your practice time when your players learn in a virtual classroom!

Great coaches do their homework and all coaches analyze game video at some point in time. It’s time to raise our expectations of our players. It’s time for players to step up their game and put in the extra video time to build their basketball I.Q. I believe that 99.9% of players thrive on higher expectations. They are ready for more! Its time to give players full understanding of the Read & React System so they can perform at their best.

take a look inside...

Actions 1-4

  1. PASS & CUT: This is not a Pass & Cut offense, but cutting after you pass is our first rule. It creates spacing, player movement, and ball movement.
  2. READ LINE: Every player should know how to move without the ball and filling an empty spot leads to four scoring opportunities based on the defense.
  3. DRAFT DRIVES: This is actually a combo action based off passing and cutting. It scores so often that we’ve dedicated an entire lesson to the action.
  4. TWO DRIVE CLUES: We want every player to know the best times and situations to “take it to the hoop”. These are teachable and drillable for every player!

Actions 5-6

  1. FEED THE POST: Feeding the post leads to scoring opportunities for everyone on the floor if you’re running the Read & React. You simply need to know whose turn it is.
  2. X-CUTS: This is an East-West option after feeding the post that has a ton of scoring options. You’ll be tempted to make an offense from this action alone!

Read & React 5-Player Coordination Drills

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Actions 7-9

  1. DRIBBLE AT DECISIONS: We turn one of the most common actions that ball handlers do into multiple scoring opportunities that include everyone on the floor.
  2. DRIVE DRAW AND DROP DIMES: Dribble Penetration includes the four players without the ball. We demand that the perimeter players move when the ball moves. You’ll find out how and why in these lessons.
  3. DRIVE DRAW AND DISH: Dribble Penetration also demands reactions for players in the post. These reactions are in opposition to how defense helps and rotates.

Actions 10-12

  1. PIN & SKIP: This is the Read & React’s number one counter-move for helping, sagging defenders. It’s also a number one weapon against zones.
  2. POST PLAY: 4-OUT-1-IN and 3-OUT-2-IN sound like only two formations. You would be wrong. The variety available to players and coaches is only limited by your imagination. The post could be anyone. The post could be a supporting role. Or the post could be your Quarterback – like a point guard!
  3. CUTTER SCREENS: You’ll see how any cutter can wind up setting any screen for anyone on the floor. These lessons will expand you decisions after you cut.

Actions 13-15

  1. BALL SCREENS: The Read & React allows the ballhandler to initiate the ball screen and it allows for a designated screener to initiate the pick and roll. But that’s only half of this traditional action. See what happens when the ball screen is combined with Layer 4 Circle Movement!
  2. POWER DRIBBLE: We turn Dribble-Hand-Offs into pick-&-rolls along with four other unique ways to score that players have discovered over the past few years.
  3. EMERGENCE: The first lesson involves Glue Actions that all players should know. Glue Actions connect a failed action to the Next Best Action, insuring Flow and preventing turnovers. You’ll see teams that FLOW by combining 3 actions all the way up to 10 with no violation of shot clocks! Emergence is your goal: It is when the component parts of your system create something that the parts cannot on their own.

read & react in action

2022 Tournament Games

Gonzaga using a dribble-at (R&R layer 3) backdoor right into a dribble hand-off (R&R layer 8). Both the timing mixed with the spacing create an open layup.

Both clips in this video use combo actions with ball screens (R&R layer 8.) The first clip combines a ball screen and dribble at (R&R layer 3), while the second features a ball screen with a safety valve (R&R layer 4.)

Look for the pass and cut (R&R layer 1) in both the first and third clip in this vido and a dribble at (layer 3) in the second clip.   (Read & React pass and cut is sometimes referred to as “throw-n-go.”)

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