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When it's your ball, down one, with six seconds left...

Don't hope to have a play that scores, KNOW you have a play that scores!

You know that line coaches use after losing a close game… “In the end it didn’t come down to just one play.” 

Well, in reality, it often feels like it DOES come down to one play.   

Every year you face critical end of game situations and if you wait until you’re playing games to develop your end of game strategies… you’re too late!

The best time to master the end of games? The preseason!

The Ultimate Preseason Package includes next-level resources to elevate your execution in crunch time! You’ll be ready for every pressure packed situation with:
  • 22 page WNBA and NBA End of Game Playbook
  • Detailed Diagrams and Explanations for Every Play
  • 6 In-Depth Video Breakdowns on NCAA End of Game Plays
  • Critical Questions to Shape Your Late Game Strategies
  • 28 End of Game Video Cutups

Nothing can tip the scales of a season more than end of game execution. 

There's not much time before the season starts!

The Ultimate Preseason Package

Don't let the "Hows" overwhelm you this season...

Every preseason is packed with questions like: 

  • How can I develop players at different levels?
  • How can we shoot better as a team?
  • How do I handle unhappy players and parents? (yikes!)
  • How can I build a stronger team culture?
  • How can I run not just good but GREAT practices? 
It’s enough to make your head spin…

That’s why we’re excited to bring you The Ultimate Preseason Package — to help you prepare like never before, for a season like never before.  

It includes 14 in-depth resources to have your most impactful preseason ever, available exclusively here because of our partnership with PGC Coaching (formerly Key5 Coaching).



Every coach knows what happens in their preseason, is the make-or-break catalyst for their entire season. 




Four dedicated resources to help you run GREAT practices

Player & Team Development (5)

From critical end-of-game plays to baseline & sideline out-of-bounds strategies — you'll be equipped for the season like never before...

Developing your program (5)

Establish a championship culture with resources for developing leaders, parent communication, and much more

bonus: Better Shooting course

Get the flagship shooting course that started it all! Better Shooting develops shot technique from the ground up

14 Season-Defining Resources

Available exclusively at — in partnership with PGC Coaching (formerly Key5)



3-time National Coach of the Year

Sam allen

Founder of Blue Collar Basketball

Lisa O'Meara

D1 Assistant Coach

Rick Torbett

Creator of the Read & React offense


The Ultimate Preseason Package raises the bar. With expert teaching and excellent content, it checks every box a coach needs as they plan their season. Our program is more prepared than ever before.
Brady Bomber
Not only is The Ultimate Preseason Package helping me prepare now for the season ahead, but many of the resources will help me be successful during the season both on and off the court. I tell you this as a thank you for helping us teach a group of soccer players how to play basketball and win a State Championship.​
Stevie Jones
Preseason planning is so much more than Xs and Os. The resources in The Ultimate Preseason Package provide a wealth of knowledge and strategies that I know will make our season more successful.
Nelson Handel

This Package is Perfect For...



Coaches at any level


Our products are guaranteed to help make you a better coach, improve your players, and win more games, or your money back. You’ll have a full 30 days to see the difference they will make.


Ultimate Preseason Package

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  • Taught by some of the top coaches in the game
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  • BONUS: Better Shooting Course
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  • The Ultimate Preseason Package
  • Better Shooting flagship course
  • 6 Better Basketball Complete Systems
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