basketball play Tag

Here is a set play used late in the first half against Purdue. The Trojans deviate from their horns roll/replace and send the post players to the corner to set a staggered screen. They ended up drawing a foul on the play.  [iframe src="https://app.krossover.com/e/1dl6" width="100%" height="500"] [embed]https://www.fastmodelsports.com/library/embedImage.jsp?id=b0f301b8-e00d-4278-b980-5683e5fe63eb[/embed]...

Iowa State used this play in the first half against Iona to get a 2-man game going on the left side. The initial single double option gives the Cyclones shooting options as well. [iframe src="https://app.krossover.com/e/1dmd" width="100%" height="500"] [embed]https://www.fastmodelsports.com/library/embedImage.jsp?id=161d76dd-92f7-4e88-82df-4a729310e9fe[/embed]...

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