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The Fantastic 4

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The Shooting Course

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Read & React

Read & React Youth Practice 1

We know that our Youth Read & React coaches are pressed for practice time. Many of you are lucky to get two 90-minute practice sessions a week with your team…

Read & React Tutorial: Opportunity Drives

This Read & React Tutorial explores the driving opportunities that are inherent in the offense thanks to its spacing, player movement and ball movement. These are…

Zone Offense

A complete Zone Offense for any coach, whether you run Read & React or not! This takes the old Zone Attack video to a whole new level…

Read & React Tutorial: Post Player Quarteback

The theme of this video is how to turn your Post Player into a creator, or the “Quarterback” of your offense. We explore ways to turn your Post Player into the…


30 Fundamental Drills from the Read & React System with added explanations and demonstrations. 15 brand new Double Combo Drills that combine two layers of R&R actions…

Training the Decision Box

Being able to choose the Next Best Action without the ball has mostly been left to chance. Most of us coaches can recognize a player with a high basketball I.Q. and…

Team Shooting Drills

110 Quick Hitter entries to the Read & React will allow you to use the habits your players have built to run scripted actions when needed based on personnel or matchups…

Ball Screens in the Read & React

In addition to showing all of the ways to initiate ball screens in the Read & React, this also includes the basics of the offensive execution of a pick & roll…

Dynamic Defense


Dynamic Defense is a framework designed to train your players (individually and as a team) through four levels of defensive achievement.


Level 1 focuses on 1-on-1 defense: techniques for guarding the ball effectively on the half court and full court. Level 2 teaches how to guard away from the ball in every position including the post.


In Level 3 the individual skills of the previous levels are expanded to the team with an emphasis on properly defending situations. Level 4 is the black belt of defense where a player (or team) learns high level rotate and recovery techniques.



The emphasis of this workout is Dynamic Defense Level 1, specifically, cutting off the drive into the lane. Rick takes you through several stages of building and testing your level 1 Defense.

Better Basketball Player Development

10 Finishing Drills

This video identifies 9 finishing moves for 9 different situations. We then add a bonus game at the end of the video for 10 outstanding drills that will benefit any player or coach.…

Team Shooting Drills

These Team Shooting Drills are designed to maximize your practice time, and work on game situation shooting. We have placed the drills into the 5 categories below for your…

50-Shot Workouts

These workouts cover the 3 ranges of shots: outside the arc, the mid-range, and finishes on the goal. The second goal of the workouts is to get each player to associate certain shots…

2 Player Read & React Workout

Making decisions with the ball AND knowing exactly how to react to the ball, essentially means you know exactly when to lead and exactly when…

Shooting Workouts

To transform as a shooter, a player needs high reps, high variety, and high challenge – this video shows you how to get all three. 15 specialized shooting workouts to train your way to…

 Bounce Off & Be Clever

Whenever a player tries to dribble penetrate and gets stopped or simply doesn’t like what he or she sees, then I train them to Bounce Off, that is, keep your dribble and simply back-out to the perimeter…

Randi Peterson

Randi Peterson: Post Development & Drills

This is the first in a new series of Post Play videos we filmed with Coach Randi Peterson. Her progressive teaching style is sure to help your players grow their…

Randi Peterson: Rebounding

Veteran Read & React coach Randi Peterson of Coe College takes you through the rebounding philosophy and drills that have helped her teams enjoy enormous success…

Randi Peterson: Emmert Series

Coach Peterson has taken a concept called “Emmert Reads” and created a bundle of drills to teach the main aspects of her offense – the Read & React…


Drew Hanlen


Post Play takes you through 10 different categories essential for any good Post Player to master. These skills and drills are used daily by Drew with his NBA Clients and…

Drew Hanlen: Ballhandling

Ballhandling takes you through 4 categories of drills designed to give you the best handles around. These skills and drills are used daily by Drew with his NBA Clients and…

50 Shooting Drills

Drew’s 50 Shooting Drills take you through drills sure to add a great deal of variety to any player’s workouts.


This video covers 12 Passing Drills you can do with a ball and a wall. Improve your handles in a short amount of time with this intense workout, and become a much better passer in the process.


This video covers 23 Finishing Moves designed to build confidence when attacking the rim. Add these moves to your arsenal and increase your chances of finishing in any situation..


This video will give you 20 Triple Threat Moves that can be used to get past a defender. Adding these moves to your game will make you tougher to defend by confusing your defender and help you make more plays for your team.

Point Guard College

PGC Defensive Stoppers

Our friends at Point Guard College take you through 3 lessons to help you become a defensive stopper. Learn five habits of good defenders, how to take a charge, and…