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How to Win Close Games - Video 2

Discover the games within the game

Watch this video to discover how to flip your season by winning the 7 Games Within the Game.

*Special thanks to Coach TJ Rosene and our partners at PGC Coaching!

Meet Coach Rick Torbett

Rick Torbett has taught thousands of coaches to win more games through his innovative approach to the game. His greatest passion is showing coaches how to reach their highest potential on the court. Rick has worked with coaches at every level of the game.


He has created some of the most powerful training for coaches at any level so they can coach their best and win more games.

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Discover Read & React 2.0

When you equip your team to move the ball, move players, and maintain the correct amount of spacing, you will create an “athletic ball” that will find a scoring opportunity – it will find a defensive breakdown!


Why should you play like everyone else when all of your opponents are prepared for traditional basketball?


This course will teach your team how to play in a way that none of your opponents are prepared for and give your players the competitive edge you’ve been looking for!

Introducing Read & React 2.0

The best “How to Play without ‘Plays’ ” Offensive System. This new release of the Read & React has been updated with the latest ideas and enhanced with game footage.


Every layer and every scoring opportunity has been illustrated with game clip examples so you can more clearly see how it all fits together. Over the last 7 years Rick has been developing new ideas and new teaching progressions within the familiar grid of 10 Layers.


If you’re ready to supercharge your team’s offense with a system that is easy to understand for your players and fast to implement then join hundreds of successful programs running the Read & React Offense.

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"...our kids love the freedom to score!"

“Southern NH University Women’s Basketball is coming off our best year in 30+ years.  21-7 overall, NE10 Regular Season Champions,  1st in NCAA Northeast Region, and hosted the NE10.

SNHU runs the Read and React. Our offense was fun to watch!

We play an exciting brand of basketball, and our kids love the freedom to score! We led the league in scoring with 72.5 ppg.

We had two First Team All-Conference players and one 3rd Team All-Conference player.  We had one WBCA All-American Honorable Mention as well.”

— Karen Pinkos | Head Women’s Basketball Coach | Southern New Hampshire University

Customers’ reviews


Well we made our State Tournament with a 25-1 record and won our first 2 games at State. 27-3. We made lots of memories, and for an ol' football coach, I sure love coaching basketball thanks to your offense. Thank you,
T. Strohschein
You see we had a very athletic team but only one of the girls on the team was really a basketball player, all the rest of them were soccer players. Well, after a few years of implementation, we did it. We made it all the way to the State Championship and we won. That was in 2019. In 2020 we made it back to the State Semifinals but that was when Covid hit... I tell you this as a thank you for helping us teach a group of soccer players how to play basketball and win a State Championship.​
D. Gladwell
Head Basketball Coach
If you are questioning R&R, we just went 27 varsity games without having ever called a “play”. I certainly made points of emphasizing certain actions, but my girls learned how to adapt on their own to what the defense threw at them. They’ve learned HOW to play, not plays – and it only will get better as we move forward with a year of experience under most of their belts.
S. Rochester




Our new notecard coaching system is a great way to try some Read & React principles.  Plus, in only 3 practices, your team can learn ALL of your team’s systems!



The best “How to Play without Plays” Offensive System! You’ll understand the “whys” behind the Read & React rules and see clearly how it all fits together.  




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