Winning Youth Podcast with Alan Stein

Winning Youth Podcast with Alan Stein

Back in September, Stronger Team Owner Alan Stein had the pleasure to record a podcast with Winning Youth Coaching. The podcast is nearly an hour of insightful experiences and Alan’s training philosophies and mindset.  Below are a few of my favorite quotes from the episode, but don’t take my word for it; listen to it in full length here!

  •  It is important for your child to have a positive sports experience early on – and if that means you need to step up and be coach, step up and do it.
  • ‘You get what you bring as a coach’ – If you bring enthusiasm, and model the behavior you are preaching, and expect excellence of yourself – most of the time the players will respond in kind.
  • ‘Do the things others don’t do, and you’ll have the things others don’t have’- also very powerful if you replace the word ‘won’t’ for the ‘don’t’
  • ‘Play present’ – You have to focus on the next play- nothing in the past, nothing too far in the future


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