For Basketball Coaches Who Hate Getting Zoned

 How To Use Read And React Actions Movements To Crack Zone Defenses Open And Score “Third Grade Shots“ Consistently…

…Without Resorting To Set Plays Or Desperately Shooting Outside Shots


I’ve loved positionless basketball for over ten years…

…But I know what it’s like to see an offense despair against zones.

Years back, I used to see my layups blocked and my offense forced out of the circle. I’d try and hit 3-point shots to get back to player-to-player. But without a superstar shooter, the common tactics were useless.

…Once I discovered and taught the key to scoring high-percentage shots on zone defenses, coaches I worked with told me their opponents are afraid to zone them.

The key to attacking zones is NOT a new offense. It’s not trying three point shots at all cost (although your shooters will hit plenty of 3’s using my system). It’s not “shooting them outta the zone”.

I’ve spent the past 3 years creating strategies to help you hit Third Grade Shots (layups) against zones. The result is called the Zone Attack and you’re one of the first to get your eyes on this all-new Read and React adaptation.


What is the Zone Attack?

With the Zone Attack, you get a comprehensive system to score “Third Grade Shots” on zones, consisting of 34 video lessons.

In them, I explain the go-to moves you’ll use to defeat zones and the counter-moves your team will execute if the defense attempts to stop your layup.

If you’re running a Read and React Offense, the Zone Attack builds on the habits already ingrained in your team. That way, you can implement the system quickly with little friction.

Here’s how your offense will out maneuver zone defenses.

Essentially, the Zone Attack stands on three legs:

1. The “Go-To-Move” you’ll use to hit “Third Grade Shots”.

2. A “Counter-Move” reaction which you’ll use if the layup gets blocked.

3. “Incidental Opportunities”, which let you surprise the defense and score unpredictably.

In the Zone Attack videos, I teach you all three and how to turn any situation into a scoring opportunity for you.

You also get specific drills for each tactic so you can practice attacking any zone defense—just put the drills in your practice plan and start implementing.

Get instant access to the zone attack

When my staff I met with Rick last spring, he went over this using salt and pepper shakers while having dinner and I loved it! After watching the video, I love it even more and am excited about all the options vs a zone. What I like most is the fact that we don’t have to run two different offenses (one vs man and one vs zone) While there are some basic changes, the principles stay the same.
Karen Pinkos

Southern New Hampshire University - Manchester, NH
Coach Torbett has presented a step by step guide on how to attack any zone out of any formation. In our short time using these concepts, we have shot more layups, and our players are confident in how we want to attack zone defenses.
Ron Steele

John Carroll High School - Birmingham, AL

What can the Zone Attack teach you?

  • A foolproof extension to the “Nail and Flank“ technique allows you to overload one zone defender with two attackers—one of your shooters is wide-open for a nearly guaranteed layup.
  • Give your top players the freedom to live up to their full potential instead of confining them to set plays!
  • All the moves and counter-moves you need to teach your team so they can switch from attacking player-to-player defenses to attacking zone defenses – without losing any of their offensive potential!
  • Simplify your offense – you’ll have ONE effective offense for ALL defenses—Speeding up your reaction time.
  • Train your team to make decisions instinctively and create an offense which puts points up on the board.
  • How to empower lower-skill players instead of hiding them.
  • How to use Read and React basics to win with any lineup or set of players.
  • “Go-To Moves” your team needs to ensure the “Third Grade Shot”—A clean layup—every time.
  • How to use just two tactics (the “Pin Screen” and the “Pin and Skip”) to regain your scoring opportunities—AFTER the zone switches!
  • Watch your team shoot well-positioned, wide-open 3 point shots and never default to desperately shooting from anywhere again!
  • Walk away from trying to “Shoot them outta the zone“ and never look back! Instead, you’ll have a detailed system which produces points like clockwork.
  • The Zone Attack is not a “first“ strategy you try before defaulting to something else. It’s your constant strategy against zones because it’s a dynamic system, NOT an orchestrated play.
  • How to create wide-open 3 point shots, even when your layup is contested.

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Rick Torbett