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Welcome to Better Basketball, Home of The Read & React Offense! We spent the last 15 years perfecting the Read & React Offense and building the most comprehensive basketball coaching library to support every aspect of the game. Unlock the Vault today and discover how great your team can become!


The Only Playbook You’ll Ever Need

Instead of just running plays, players learn how to play the game. With the Read & React Offense players learn to analyze and exploit any defensive strategy. Rick Torbett has created extensive resources and videos for coaches at any level to learn and install the Read & React effectively.

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Featuring the Read & React Offense
The only offensive system you’ll ever need! Attack any defense from tip-off to buzzer – regardless of personnel, skills or style of play.
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Implement the Read & React – from a bank of drills to entire practice plans, our goal is to equip you with all that you need!
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We have over 500 videos helping coaches get the best out of their players, and help in every aspect of your game for players.

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Our Vault contains thousands of videos dedicated to teaching the Read & React Offense including season-long practice plans and in-depth player analysis to bring your team to the next level. We're constantly updating the Vault to keep our members on their toes – all for one low yearly price of $249!

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