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Make every player better,
without taking all of your time!

No coach has the time to develop every player on their team individually — and every coach wishes they had better players.

For years we’ve expected our players to get better without showing them the next steps for them.

It’s time for personalized development for every player based on their stage of development.

Stages Player Development system

Revolutionary player development

Coach Rick Torbett’s most ambitious project ever.

Over 15 years in the making and started with this one question… “Why are we training by age?”

It’s about STAGES not ages.

The Stages System is the most comprehensive training system for players and their coaches — ever.

Every player can train at their stage of development to maximize their fullest potential.

Coach Rick modeled it after the martial arts belt system which implements a standardized testing system which is passed by proving mastery of skills.

Stages is a complete player development system that builds a player step-by-step using a mobile app and coach management system. 

Every aspect has been strategically designed to build a complete player rather than just focusing on shooting and dribbling.

At each stage, more skills are introduced and tests get harder.

Athletes eventually hit a test they cannot pass and then they’ll know exactly what to work on.

The final stage has been designed around the profile of a competent college-level player.

Through revolutionary technology your coaching staff will be connected to every player so you can manage, approve and encourage them as they develop.

Players can use the mobile app to train anywhere all year and coaches can manage their team’s player development through the player management system.



Stages walks your players through the program step-by-step on their mobile device. They can train from any where at any time at their own pace.

2. Players complete tests & record videos

Using the Stages System iOS and Android app, players can upload videos of their successful tests. The coaching staff will be notified as soon as a test is uploaded.

3. Coaches Manage Team & stay connected

The Stages team management system gives coaches the ability to approve their team’s tests and track where each player is in their development.

Stages is for your team if you want to...

How Stages is built

To build Stages we started with the profile of a productive college-level player

Coach Rick mapped out every skill that players should have to be successful at that level. Then he began to strip back each skill layer by layer until he was at the Ignition Stage – a brand new player ready to master basic skills.

Each stage has been carefully designed to give a player the necessary skills needed to become proficient in that stage, but also prepare them for upcoming stages.

Everything in Stages builds upon the knowledge learned in the previous stage. Check out the videos below for a brief description of each stage.


Every player starts with the Ignition Stage no matter their skill level. Why? Because we want to make sure there are no holes in a player’s game. There are key fundamentals here that we will use as building blocks. Most players will pass this stage with ease, but it’s foundationally necessary. The focus is on getting started with Dribbling, Shooting, and preparing for 1-on-1 in later stages.

Stage 1

Players will pass 24 tests covering dribbling, shooting, finishing, passing, pass & cut, getting open, 1-on-1, and dribble penetration. They will learn the 4 types of game dribbles, shooting straight, free throws, 1 and 2 foot finishes, twist passing, front & rear cuts, getting open, and when to dribble penetrate. Everything is preparing them for the next stage skills.

Stage 2

Expanding to 9 categories, players now begin to add slightly more advanced dribbling skills like cross-re-cross and in & out dribbles. They will also advance their shooting by catching & shooting in a two foot hop, one foot finishes on both sides, the 2-foot power finish, and much more. They’ll also work on more advanced 1-on-1 moves, driving skills, drawing defense, making the right pass, being on the receiving end, and beginning post play.

Stage 3

The player will work on crossover dribble development, shooting open stance & 1-2 footwork off the dribble, more advanced free throws, reverse 1-foot finishes, the stretch, pivot from pressure, and a lot more. Stage 3’s 12 1-on-1 tests using the bounce-off dribble with finishing and mid-range jumpers will make them a scoring machine. They also work through 4 dribble penetration tests, 2 post play, and 6 tests for getting open and attacking.

Stage 4

With the introduction of screens, we now have 10 categories a player is working through. These confident players are now learning techniques like the spin dribble & around the back dribble blended with  4 game dribbles, pivot-square-up shooting from a pass and off the dribble, sweep-over finish, passing & avoiding a charge and so much more. They will have to pass 8 pressure 1-on-1 tests, 10 dribble penetration tests, cutting without the ball, feed the post options, logo options, more post development, and setting & using screens.

Stage 5

Players are now confidently performing on the court and beginning to master some advanced techniques. In dribbling they’ll work on advanced crossovers, fakes and combos. Shooting has advanced to high-level catch & shoot & footwork. They will be challenged with the euro-step, spin, and up & under finishing moves. Post moves include fronted, guarded high & low, sweep, re-sweep, re-post, and more. We also train the athlete on more advanced screens like down-screens, flare-screens, pin-screens and x-screens. Players who pass this stage are entering the elite ranks.

Stage 6

These elite-level players will be challenged with 104 tests focused on advanced skills & thinking. Shooting and dribbling tests will cover shooting footwork north-south, east-west off the dribble, catch & shoot on the move, getting square-in-the-air, advanced free throws, around-the-back dribbles & combo, fake spin, spin hesitation. Passing and post play takes them through step-step & pass-fake, hook passes, sweet passes, post cuts high & low, contact reactions: swim-move-post-up, wrap-around passes, drop passes. Players will also accomplish 16 1on1 tests from a pivot and catching on the move, 16 dribble penetration tests, 12 post play tests, 8 decision-making vs 4 types of screens, and 18 ball screen tests. Any athlete who can pass this stage is a team-leading player.

Stage 7

Stage 7 athletes are well-rounded elite players who dominate in any game situation. Not only do they have most physical skills mastered, but their basketball IQ has been advanced from the previous stages. 

Players will cover 130 tests combining all learned skills from earlier stages. Much of the focus is around blending high-level physical skills with advanced basketball IQ to challenge the athlete to maximize their on-court productivity. Players will have to pass 15 full-court combo dribbling tests, 4 all-around shooting tests performed in non-stop motion, shoot 90% of free throws, master 5 finishing moves from 3 different angles, 5 finishing countermoves  from both sides of the floor, 1-hand passes off the dribble to a moving target, around the back passes, skip passes from the post, leg whip counter to contact, 30 1-on-1 tests, post play on the porch & high post pro stance, advanced tests using 4 types of screens, and 16 ball screen tests based on the defense. Players who complete Stage 7 should be fully ready for the next level of the game.

What's Included

7 Stages

500+ Skill tests

Team Management System

Player Mobile app



Your team can train anywhere with our iOS & Android apps. From their phone they can watch Stages instructional videos demonstrating and explaining the test. Then they’ll video themselves successfully completing a test and upload the video. It’s like having a personal coach right on their phone walking them step by step as they develop. It’s the best way to get your players connected to the game and to your coaching staff.


We designed Stages to motivate players to improve by tapping into their natural desire to achieve and compete. The entire system is gamified so players are rewarded as they move through stages. They can earn points for completing skills and stages. Badges will be rewarded throughout as players accomplish key skills. Once your team enters the system, your players will be able to see each other’s stages, point levels and accomplishments. It’s a powerful way to motivate them to get better. In addition to moving up Stages, players can earn 40 badges and up to 8,000 points on their account. It’s a powerful way to keep them motivated and challenged.


We built Stages to give you a close connection to your players as they grow. You can’t be there for every training session, but you can encourage, give feedback and direction from anywhere. Comment on any test uploaded by a player and your player can comment back so the two of you can partner in their development. You can give constructive feedback to your players to make sure they are performing the skills to your satisfaction before passing them. Sometimes you may just want to encourage them and celebrate their hard work. No matter where you are or what time of day, you can be involved in your entire team’s development.


My team has been learning the Read & React Offense using the FUSION PRACTICE SYSTEM and my players love it! We get more game-like reps in all areas – not just Offense. Our Defense is challenged, our Communication is better, we get tons of shots, and my guys love the competition that’s built into FUSION! It’s an innovative way to run any practice!
Jason McCowan
Head Boys Varsity Coach | Cleveland High School, TN


Our products are guaranteed to help make you a better coach, improve your players, and win more games, or your money back. You’ll have a full 30 days to see the difference they will make.



Per Year
  • Two-way messaging keeps players & coach connected
  • Team Management System for coaches
  • Player Mobile app for iOS & Android
  • 500+ Skill Tests with video uploads
  • 500+ Skill Tests with video uploads
  • NOTE: All-Access Pass holders receive a 50% discount on Stages access for their players

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