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May 2010

Perimeter and Post Actions

Clip 1: This clip begins with #2 Kamille making a Basket Cut because she is one pass away and her defender is over the Read Line (Pass & Cut Layer). #21 Kachine Passes and Cuts, looking for a scoring opportunity (Pass & Cut Layer). #20 Kelly Krei must fill two empty spots toward the ball (Pass & Cut Layer) – see the blue arrow. But while Kelly is filling, the ball is driven in the opposite direction - to the left - by #24 Jaime. Because of the North-South Drive Circle Movement Layer, Kelly must immediately change directions (double blue arrows). The combination of these two simple layers makes it very tough on Kelly’s defender: She must move from weak-side help position to ball-side denial and make the decision whether or not to help on the drive while Kelly is changing directions. For defenders in this situation – there’s too much movement, too much space, too many decisions and just not enough time to close out.