Coaching the Read & React

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] I love sharing success stories about the impact of The Read & React Offense! Here's a story from Taiwan on a three year development using the Read and React Offense! - Rick   We asked Coach Kim Kawamoto , Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach at Taipei American School,...

Author Note: A parent turned coach of a former player who wishes to remain anonymous has written this review of Coach Ulysses Garcia,  and the impact of the Read and React Offense being used at the CT Attack (Connecticut Attack) program.  Seven years ago Ulysses Garcia started coaching...

In the last 3-­part post called “Intelligent Drives : Training Dribble Penetration,” we discussed what "Real Estate" is, Reading "Real Estate", and two ways to create "Real Estate". But what if you have a player in the post, do you lose the opportunity to create and use "Real Estate"? The answer is no you do not, but you do have to veer away from traditional post player thinking.
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