8 Momentum Building Plays

8 Momentum Building Plays

Basketball is a game of runs. It is a game of momentum. And a shift in momentum can happen in a few seconds.

Here are 8 plays that can continue, or shift, momentum in your favor instantaneously:

  1. Taking a charge
  2. Diving for a loose ball
  3. Committing a hard foul
  4. Setting a hard screen
  5. Blocking a shot
  6. Throwing down a dunk
  7. Delivering an assist
  8. Helping a teammate up off the floor

“When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you need to do is stop digging.”

More times that not, when your opponent makes a run and/or you hit a slump it is because you stop doing the little things.

So the quickest way to ‘stop the bleeding’ is to immediately focus on being solid:

  • Make the right pass
  • Contest every shot
  • Box out
  • Set solid screens
  • Sprint the floor in both directions
  • Crash the offensive glass
  • Hustle off the floor when subbed out
  • Have great body language

In many instances, a recommitment to being solid will get things back on track.

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