Finishing at the Basket

Finishing at the Basket

Randy BrownWe are always looking for great content from guest coaches, and recently came across this article from Coach Randy Brown (coachrb.com). Coach Brown is a consummate professional who spends his days helping young coaches get started in the college game. His College Coach Now Mentoring Program is a fantastic resource for Rising Coaches.

“Conquering Contact”
by Randy Brown

The Catch, Angle, Shot and Balance

Here are observations from working out hundreds of HS, College, and professional players. You’d be surprised how many of them are inefficient but could be great inside. Why? They don’t realize how easy it is just by executing the tips below. These tips will really help your inside scoring by all players. I also have tons of video doing post drills with contact.

The Catch

  • Before catching know where the defender is and how you are being guarded;
  • Take what the defender gives you; they can’t take away every angle. Find the angle he gives you and take advantage of it.

The Angle

  • Choosing the right angle to get you the best and highest percentage shot.
  • Good angles are the path of least resistance and put the defender at major disadvantage
  • Pre-determining the angle and shot will product ineffective results.

The Shot

  • Explode to target; contact is not for the timid.
  • Expect it; never be surprised by contact.
  • Initiate the contact and “play through” it.
  • Avoid the “flinch” as contact arrives. The flinch will drop your FG % by 20% on inside shots against contact.
  • Continue your shot motion instead of stopping at the contact; the shot needs to be released as close to the rim as possible.
  • Keeps eyes locked on the rim the entire play; watch from the baseline and study eyes on contact, it will tell you a lot about the result of the shot.


  • Balance: if you are on balance and feel you have angle to the rim, make the play.
    If not on balance, collect yourself and make the angle move given to you.


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