Horses, Teams, & Laws of Achievement

Horses, Teams, & Laws of Achievement

At a state fair, there was an event where horses were being hitched to wagons to see which horse could pull the most weight. Two horses tied for first by pulling 9,000 pounds each – by themselves!

Everyone wondered what these two horses could pull if they were hitched together to the same wagon. Some bet it would be 18,000 pounds – a doubling of their individual efforts. Some bet less than 18,000 pounds, arguing that forces would be lost when the horses were “bound together” to one wagon.

To everyone’s surprise, they pulled 35,000 pounds! Were the horses “fired up”? Were they motivated by each other? Did they bump hooves and rev up the crowd? No. They’re horses!

This is an illustration that something truly synergetic occurs when we’re “hitched together.” And that’s why five individuals working together will always be better than the “Star” system!

Making the commitment to be a team is the first step. But to compete at the top, teams must also commit to being the best team they can be. They know that they must work better, smarter, faster. Inside the culture of the Top Teams, you’ll find three Laws of Achievement at work:

  1. The Law of Perspective where the mindset is created that causes individuals to truly work together,
  2. The Law of Efficiency where they create and use the most efficient systems and
  3. The Law of Growth where cooperatively and individually, they continuously learn and improve.
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