March 20: Developing the Read & React Player

March 20: Developing the Read & React Player

This is a new series of videos we have released that take you through Player Development one layer at a time. Read & React players and coaches love it!

For those players and coaches not running the Read & React, you will still benefit from this course. Here’s why:

The Read & React is a positionless system that teaches players how to play offense as a 5-player coordinated unit without set plays, without patterns, without possession-by-possession instructions from the coach. This means, that it’s probable that as we go through the Read & React, we will cover every basketball action that’s ever been used or ever will be used. We will certainly cover some that should be used that aren’t being used!

So, first I want to make sure that you know where the scoring opportunities are – and second, that you have the skills to convert them.

That’s what this series is all about: Equipping the Read & React player as best we can to take advantage of ALL the scoring opportunities.



Read & React is Changing the Game with Positionless Basketball

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