Pace of Practice

Pace of Practice

This is a quick video taken from the Read & React Clinic in Atlanta this past year.

TJ talks about the pace of practice – what pace to practice at and how quickly to get there. The pace at which your team practices will of course vary with your team: how far along into the Read & React are they, what skill level, etc.

Just like the Read & React, pace is a progression. You’ll have to start out slow enough that they properly react and also maintain their fundamentals. It’s really about doing things right. You could easily start out the first day at a high pace with competitive drills, but the fundamentals will fail really quickly.

So, build the pace as you build the offense. And, use pace as a diagnostic tool. Increase the tempo and competitiveness of drills until the fundamentals fall apart, then back it down a notch. You’ll not only get a clear picture of how fast your team can play, you’ll know which skills or reactions need more attention.


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