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Tribe Spotlight: Read and Reach Coach Brad Cundiff

This Tribe Spotlight is very unique and the first of it’s kind, Rick Torbett was fortunate enough to film a 1-on-1 interview with a Read & React coach in his home state of Georgia. Brad Cundiff is the Boy’s Junior-Varsity basketball coach at the Kings Academy in Woodstock, GA. Brad shares his passion for the Read & React and why he thinks it is so important for the future of the game of basketball.

If you would like to reach out to Coach Cundiff, you can find him on twitter @CoachBradC.

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Coach Brad Cundiff has been running the Read & React Offense now for over seven years and has experienced a staggering rate of success.

What I love about the Read & React is it gives the players a chance to have some freedom, and with a limited amount of practices, we were able to teach the offense and see immediate results.

The Read & React has had a tremendous impact on Coach Cundiff and his players. He shares two of them:

  1. Ability to collapse time frames and get more done in practice.
  2. Number of shots we can get up in practice dramatically increased. In the Read & React, the drills are the offense. We are able to develop the players’ skills inside of the offense while also getting up many more repetitions.

One concept that Brad emphasizes to his players is that in the Read & React, passing to another teammateBradsTeam will move you into the Decision Box and actually give you more scoring opportunities as the layers are presented to you. This past season, his team really bought into this team concept within the offense and the players stopped caring about who got the shot, as long as it was the best shot for the offense.

When he first began teaching the Read & React, the players always expected the first action to work because that is how the build up drills usually worked. Over the course of the seven years, he has talked about the opportunities that open up as the defense is probed with patient reading and reacting.

The more you can make the defense expand side to side and top to bottom, you are creating holes and opportunities.

The Read & React is the best offense for allowing players to development at a pace that allows them to things that they become comfortable and proficient doing.

Brad notes that if you’re a coach that needs full control of the offense, then you need to start to peel back on that a relax and allow the players to make plays. The drills allow you to see where you are in the offense and take an evaluation as you go through the season to see what works for your team and what doesn’t.

The entire interview was over 25 minutes long and includes numerous value propositions for coaches in terms of his coaching philosophy and many of the aspects he implements into practice. The full-length interview can be seen HERE.


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Read & React 5-Player Coordination Drills

Enter your email address to get an inside look at teaching the Read & React Offense with the drills in this free video.