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March 2010

With the Read & React Offense, a team can use various formations without altering the fundamental principles of the offense. You'll see in the clips below, Iowa spends some of their time in 5out and some of their time in 4out (solely based on the personnel they have in the game at any given moment). You'll also see them flowing seamlessly between those formations. And, that's where the Read & React can get really tough on the defense. You can see more examples of how the Read & React Offense pushes a defense to the limit, along with basketball game footage from all levels, at our Read & React Offense video page.

Clip 1: 4out High Post to 3out – middle drive.

Even Bill Self believes that the Read & React Offense is great as a developmental basketball offense. But, can it work at the highest levels? The University of Iowa women think so - that's why they've run it for the past 3 years with some great success. Hear what longtime Iowa assistant coach, Jenny Fitzgerald has to say about it here. You can watch some of that success in the video below. And, if you want to see more game footage from the Read & React at all levels, visit our Read & React Offense video page.

Clip 1: 4out: a little mix of Pass & Cut with Dribble Penetration & Pitch.