Bounce Off Drill Series, Part 2: 3-on-3

Bounce Off Drill Series, Part 2: 3-on-3

This is the second installment of a drill series by Rich Czeslawski designed to accelerate Circle Movement training by using the Bounce Off Dribble. You can find the first part of the series here.

Wing Bounce – Safety Valve Back Cut

The next 3-player drill we use in the series (which was very aptly foreshadowed in the Forum Comments by Rick after Part 1) is to run the Wing Bounce drill the other direction so that the player bouncing off is pulling a teammate into the Safety Valve spot.  We have the defender step over the Read Line for the Safety Valve Back Cut.  Do this on both sides of the floor as well as with the ball starting at the top of the key.

Bounce Series Drill Frame 1

1 starts at wing, drives left and Bounces Off to the Escape Hatch.
2 Circle Moves left to Safety Valve.

Bounce Drill Series Frame 2

2 fills Safety Valve and cuts back door when defender steps over Read Line, 1 delivers bounce pass for back cut layup.

3-on-3 Bounce Off Live

Once we feel the players have begun to grasp the Bounce Off footwork and habits in the 3-player drills, we move to a 3-on-3 Bounce Off Drill.

3-on-3 has been an excellent way for us to teach Bounce Off and Circle Movement because it is much more difficult for a player struggling to grasp these principles to hide in a 3-on-3 drill.  Having 2 fewer players on each side allows you to run diagnostics for Read and React habits in a competitive situation with fewer Next Best Action decisions to be made.  This brings habits to the forefront and seems to magnify who is “getting it” and who isn’t.

Bounce Series Drill Frame 3

Start in 3-on-3 with ball at top and require a Bounce Off (can drive left or right) to start the drill.
Play 3-on-3 Live from there using Read and React Principles, but give 2 points for a bounce off basket (bounce off-back cut, bounce off-drive, etc.) and 1 point for any other basket.

Bounce Series Drill Frame 4

Move the ball to the wing and do the same drill, requiring a bounce off (can drive left or right) to start the drill.
Play 3-on-3 Live from there using same rules as above. (Wing Bounce Off, Corner Post up shown here).

You can find Part 3 here. And, if you have any drills of your own, let us know in the comments.


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