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Circle Movement : Getting The Player Wheel to Turn – Part 4


The last drill we will discuss and diagram in this series to help all players without the ball to learn the reaction habits they need, is called the “Click-Click-Boom” drill.   I picked up the terminology used and name for this drill while working with PGC Basketball – Essentials Course this past summer.  PGC Basketball does a fantastic job of delivering concise communication to players that delivers a bigger message.   If you have not looked into sending your players, or yourself as an observing coach, to a PGC Basketball course, I highly recommend it!  As Coach Torbett likes to say: “PGC Basketball training can put your Read and React Offense training on steroids!”

The “Click-Click-Boom” drill is also an excellent way to build communication of the players “saying what they are doing” to help them train.  It also helps the players to understand the value of making “One More” pass to get a better shot. The coach will give verbal commands, and the players must echo those commands as they go through the drill.

The drill starts at half-court with (1) having the ball in the middle of the floor. The wings (2 and 3) sprint from half-court to fill the wing spots as (1) dribbles hard to the top of the key.  Once the players have filled the spots, the coach can begin giving the verbal cues.

  • Attack – When the coach yells “Attack” the player with the ball should attack the paint with a dribble and come to a dynamic (2 foot) jump stop.
  • Click – When the coach yells “Click”, the person with the ball must pass to a teammate. This can be after an “Attack” or you can start with a “Click” where the player must Pass (and then Cut) .
  • Boom – The player with the ball shoots the ball on the catch.

After the shot is taken, the group should rebound the basketball (hopefully through the net) and exit to the baseline.

The variations with this drill are completely up to you as a coach.  You can vary the number of passes before a shot, or the number of drives before a shot. Once players get the feel for the drill, you can even let the player with the ball give the command.

For a quick example, In diagram 1, the coach has called “Attack” (the players all say “Attack”) and then “Click” (the players all say “Click”).  Player (1) has attacked the paint with the drive and passed to player (3) who was circle-moving to the “Natural Pitch” spot. Player (2) is filling behind Player (1) to the “Safety Valve” position.


Diagram 1

In diagram 2,  the coach has called “Click” (player (3) passes to player (2) and basket cuts), and then “Attack” (player (2) attacks the paint and comes to a dynamic jump stop).  Player (1) who was in the paint and filled up to be one spot away from the ball and ready to circle move.


Diagram 2

Just a note: When learning the drill, as a coach, don’t issue commands too quickly.  Make sure players are still catching and looking at the rim on the catch and that players without the ball are circle-moving correctly. In addition to saying the command issued by the coach, you can incorporate the players without the ball saying “Right” or “Left” to indicate they understand the direction they are moving.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this series about training circle movement!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions!  Next week I’ll be writing about training your players to make “intelligent drives” that recognize “real estate”!

[author ]Loren Tillman has been coaching for over 15 years at all levels of basketball.  Coach Tillman started running the Read and React 8 years ago with a 4th grade boys AAU team.  He has installed it with great success as a Girls High School Head Coach and for the last three years as a Boys High School Head Coach in the Seatlle, WA area.  Coach Tillman is also involved with PGC Basketball, most recently as a basket instructor for their summer courses.

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Read & React 5-Player Coordination Drills

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