Do You Have a Master Plan?

Do You Have a Master Plan?

“The general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought”

The questions that Read & React coaches collectively have on their minds as they begin their respective seasons seem to be centered around practice planning. For those who have the Planning the R&R Practice DVD Set, you are probably ahead of the game already, and have a great idea about how you want to operate your practices.

The number one thing I am asked as a High School Read & React coach is, “How do you prepare for your first game with only 12 practices to do so?”

We work very hard to collapse time frames and have put 3 years of trial and error into our Master Practice Plan. It outlines everything we want to cover prior to tipping off against our first opponent. We use this plan to stay on track while scheduling our individual practices, and alter it slightly each season based on the experience and skill level of the players we have returning. We view every drill in each practice as another brick we want to lay perfectly on our way to building something special over the course of the season.

Please feel free to download the Master Practice Plan I use with our team. I will be discussing each brick in more detail beginning today.

To further get the mental juices flowing, here are some past Tribe Posts with video that talk about practice planning:

We are going to spend a significant amount of time over the next few weeks talking about the R&R Practice. We’ll be posting practice plans and drills, answering questions, and giving you thoughts and ideas to consider as you embark on your season’s journey.

Please fill up the comment section below with any questions you have regarding practice planning and we will try to cover them all with responses and/or posts.

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