Going Deeper into Pass & Cut

Going Deeper into Pass & Cut

In our previous post, we talked about the option of going deeper into certain layers of the Read & React rather than constantly pushing to add more layers. At the same time, a team who has established themselves in the R&R can continue to build nuances into their offense to make it more dynamic (and ultimately harder to guard).

To illustrate this point, I put together some clips from the NCAA Division 1 University of Iowa Women’s team. This kind of depth exists in almost every layer of the Read & React. Many of you are already aware of this “Simple, yet Complex” aspect of the Read & React. But for those who aren’t, especially youth coaches, I hope you can see how to squeeze even more out of Layer 1 than just the most basic actions.

Once you’ve mastered the basic front and rear cut, you can start to go a little deeper…

When filling an empty spot, if your defender follows you, or “puppy-dogs” you, then immediately front cut.

Another step deeper…

Use the basic Pass & Cut action to distort the defense, then drive off the tail of the cutter. We call this, the Draft Drive.

And deeper still…

If help comes, then combo the Draft Drive with another layer. So, if help comes from the post, you’re looking for the Basic Post Slide.


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