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Iowa University Game Clips – Using One Layer to Set Up Another

The Read & React is an attacking offense, but just like anything, the same attack isn’t always going to work. That’s why the Read & React is made up of layers – you can use one layer to set up the attack of another.

Think of it from the perspective of a boxer. A jab is an effective punch, but if that’s all you throw, then it gets fairly easy to defend. So… you throw in a cross every once in a while or a punch to the body. And, even better is using the jab to set up the cross.

In the clips below, you’ll see how one layer of the Read & React Offense is used to set up the attack from another layer.

Clip 1: The Pass & Cut Action in the 4out formation does not produce a basket in and of itself. Instead, the team uses it to hunt for an opportune time to drive for a lay-up. When the defense has been forced to move and change positions because the ball and offensive players have been moving and changing positions, the defense eventually misses an assignment or is not in the best position. A good hunter like Printy #24 will find it and exploit it.

Clip 2: Only a little Pass & Cut is needed to get the defense out of position. When Kachine #21 receives the ball on the wing, she sweeps against the grain (a drill on the R&R Drills DVD). If you pause the clip at that moment, you’ll see that she has a 3-on-1 situation as she drives to the goal. This is an Intelligent Drive.

Clip 3: 4out with the post on the weakside: The ballside wing, Kachine #21 basket cuts because her defender is on the Read Line. Not receiving the pass, she changes her cut into a chance to cross-screen for the post #12 Morgan. This not only clears help defense from the wing, but also occupies the defense with a cross-screen. #2 Kamille takes advantage, makes an Intelligent Drive off the tail of a cutter, and creates a Draw & Dish with the post. Combo 3 Layers: Read Line Rear Cut and Screen Your Way Out creates an opportunity for Drive & Dish.

Clip 4: I like this clip to simply illustrate how using the Short Corner Spots combined with the 4out leads to a lay-up against a zone.

Clip 5: Pass & Cut becomes Hook & Look against a zone (see Read & React Zone Attack DVD). But, this is simply used to create a post duck-in that’s fed straight down the gut. It’s almost like sleight of hand; look at my left hand while my right hand takes you by surprise. Kudos to #50 Gabby Machado for “waiting for the waters to part” before ducking in.

Note that #2 Kamille Wahlin initiated the action with the first pass, and after cutting, filling, and rotating, wound up with the ball and making the pass. If she had passed-and-stood, none of her teammates would have moved either. She must empty a spot in order for her teammates to fill the spots. And when teammates are moving, so is the defense. Zones must track the movements of the offense and “pass players off” to one another from one zone area to the next. Move the ball, move players, stay disciplined to your spacing and good things happen. It’s a Read & React formula.

To see more game footage from the Iowa basketball team (as well as teams on all levels), check out our Read & React Video page.


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Read & React 5-Player Coordination Drills

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