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Iowa University Game Clips – J

Zone Attack, Staggered Screens, 45 Window, Why You Finish Cuts, Curl the Puppy-Dog

Clip 1: Here’s why you “Hook & Look” when you Pass & Cut against a Zone. Notice that it was the second cutter through the seam of the zone who receives the pass.

Clip 2: Here’s an example of the Post Player changing interior spots after the cutter goes through. It’s the same looking for the ball that perimeter cutters should do as they go through the zone. Hunt the spots. Hunt the seams.

Clip 3: Passing & Cutting in a 4out formation until a side is isolated for the ball screen: Even though the actions of the Read & React are random (and unscoutable), at this level and at this point in their development, the Iowa players can hunt for an advantageous situation. For example, a situation where defenders are not in the best positions to help. More specifically, an isolated side with two players that know how to work the pick-and-roll.

Clip 4: What happens when the following 4 “independent” habits of the Read & React are performed in a tight sequence: #21 Kachine passes, cuts, and decides to fill out on the ball-side; #22 Kelsey completes her basket cut by screening Kachine’s defender; #2 Kamille passes & cuts; and #50 Machado Post Blocks? ANSWER: Kachine’s defender must navigate triple staggered screens. This sequence is unplanned – each player simply performed a single drilled habit of the Read & React. The effect is tough on defense.

Clip 5: 4out: Feed the Post & Relocate; Baseline Drive pitch to 45 Degree Window; and throw in “an extra pass”. Nice sequence of actions that flow effortlessly together. If only I could control whether these shots go in!

Clip 6: This clip answers the question: “Where does the post slide to when the post is already at the high post and the wing drives below the post?” This is about the only time that a player doesn’t move with a dribble penetration. Reason: The Post is already in the 90 degree window for the baseline drive.

Clip 7: This is why you should finish your basket cuts. #24 Jaime Printy passes from the wing and cuts, but is not open. She receives some Post Blocking by #12 Morgan Kelly and still did not get the pass. But notice where it lands her. She ends up in the Basic Post Slide Position when #20 Kelly drives the middle. “Thank you very much.”

Clip 8: How many times this happens never ceases to amaze me: Pass & Cut; next player (#20 Kelly) fills the open spot; the defense is “Puppy-Dogging” (trailing like puppy-dog), and Kelly curls into a Front Cut for a lay-up. RULE: Always Curl the Puppy-Dog; whether it’s off a screen or when filling an open spot in the Read & React.


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Read & React 5-Player Coordination Drills

Enter your email address to get an inside look at teaching the Read & React Offense with the drills in this free video.