Iowa University Game Clips – L

Iowa University Game Clips – L

Putting Pressure on the Rim

The Read & React Offense applies North/South pressure on the rim with almost every layer. Because any initial attack on the rim must be addressed by the defense, often it is the secondary attack (when the defense is out of position) that leads to the score.

Clip 1: Dribble Penetration by the wing puts pressure on the rim. It requires help defenders to stop the drive, but Circle Movement places the receiver in the best passing window.

Clip 2: Here, the Speed Dribble is used to initiate a basket cut. This puts pressure on the rim and ultimately creates space for the penetrator.

Clip 3: This honest Basket Cut combined with Post Blocking occupies the defense preventing them from helping quickly enough to stop the drive.

Clip 4: Feeding the Post, even the High Post, puts pressure on the rim by initiating a basket cut. In this clip, the cutter must be fouled to prevent the lay-up.

Clip 5: In this scenario, pressure on the rim is achieved in a different manner. The post player gets the defense’s attention because of her aggressive post move. This sets up the Relocate Cut for the shot.


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