Quick Option for a Scoring Post and an Athletic Post

Quick Option for a Scoring Post and an Athletic Post

The only thing that post players must do is react correctly to dribble penetration. Other than that, you have the freedom to do with your posts whatever suits your team best.

So, what if you have a scoring post player and a physical post player. Of course, these aren’t mutually exclusive, but I’ve seen this mix quite often. In fact, this post combination is what the Dribble Drive was specifically designed for.

If this is your scenario, consider a call that makes your athletic post player a Permanent Cross Screener/Pin Screener. If the ball enters the wing away from your Athletic Post, then she looks to set a Pin Screen. If the ball is entered on her side of the floor, then she immediately cross screens for the Scoring Post Player. Now she’s back on the weak side (in good rebounding position) and is ready to hunt for another Pin Screen. If the skip pass is ever thrown, then the Athletic Post Player immediately cross screens after the ball goes over her head.

In this manner, your Scoring Post Player is always cutting to the ball off a screen and your Athletic Post Player always winds up in weak-side rebounding position.


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