Read & React: Open Shot Drill

Read & React: Open Shot Drill

This is the third drill of Layer 1 that is based off of the newly defined scoring opportunities Rick created in the NEW Read & React.  I modified the drill from only three players to our entire team to allow for more repetitions. The focus of this drill is to simulate filling spots vs a defender that is drops to the free-throw line (distance) area, allowing for an open shot.

Divide your team in half and put one team at each main basket with a coach (or coaches). The first player in line without a ball (2), starts filling the top spot, on the catch they recognize the defense is sagging to the free-throw line so they quick shoot before the defender closes out. Players rebound their own ball and sprint to the opposite line of where they started to continue.

This drill may seem elementary, but many times players get so caught up in the Layers and options within each Layer, that they forget scoring (shooting) is our primary objective within the offense.

This drill can also be moved to other areas on the perimeter to get shots from all 5 spots. 

Open Shot

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