Rebounding in the Read & React

Rebounding in the Read & React

In the Read & React Offense, you will be required as a team to rebound out of at least one of the formations; 5out, 4out, and 3out.

So, how do I address rebounding in the Read & React?

Let’s start with 5out.

The best way to begin to address rebounding from something as extreme as the 5out formation is to look at the players’ positions when a shot is taken.

Dribble Penetration Example

Imagine the point (or any of the 5 players) drives to the goal. Circle Movement sends the wing to the corner and the corner player to the other corner.Dribble

Off the dribble, the point pitches the ball to the wing sliding to the corner and the wing takes the shot.

At that point in time, there are two players in the lane area: the point who just passed the ball and the corner player who is cutting under the goal on the way to the other corner. In other words, when the shot is taken, there are two players around the basket.

If you don’t count the shooter (he should obviously follow his own shot), two players are left on the perimeter. One of those should be “back on defense” and not crash the boards. The other should be responsible for running down long rebounds. Two in the lane, one following the shot, one chasing the long ones, and one back on D makes for pretty good offensive rebounding coverage.

Pass & Cut Example

Most of the time, even in Pass & Cut action, there are two players in the lane area: one player is finishing a basket cut on his way out to the perimeter and another is in the first steps of making a basket cut.

Again, this gives you two players in the posting area that have a good chance of interrupting their cuts and getting offensive rebounding position when the shot is takenPasscut

To help with offensive rebounding from a 5out set, consider adding the following to your drills: whenever a shot is taken, everyone except the player back on defense, must put at least one foot in the lane by the time the ball hits the rim.

This is another good habit that we should add to the Read & React Offense!


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